Would you like to book Gary for a concert or event?

Let’s work out the details. If you’re looking to add that “special touch” to your once-in-a-lifetime event, Gary’s signature “Naked Piano” style is the perfect choice. Elegant. Inspiring. Passionate. Unique. There is no other solo-piano artist who approaches these events as seriously and professionally as Gary. See the testimonials page for reviews from prior clients.

I know you’re wondering… “how much?!”. Gary doesn’t play piano purely for the money – however this IS how he supports his family and art 🙂   Understanding the time and dedication he puts into every performance, the fees are extremely reasonable. You can find guidelines in the FAQ below.

Each event is unique, so please fill out this brief form with your event details and we’re sure we can work something out. We look forward to working with you – and making your event a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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    FAQ for Booking Gary:

    What if I don’t have a piano?

    Gary can bring a portable piano keyboard and speaker for your event ($300 rental fee) or can arrange for an acoustic piano rental (fees range from $500-$2000).

    What are your Booking Fees?

    Formal Concerts $3000-$5000 + travel expenses.

    The fees vary widely depending on where the concert is located, the size of the audience, and whether tickets are being sold. Please fill out the booking form above with your needs and we can discuss the details.

    Weddings & Special Functions $2000-$3000 + travel expenses.

    The fees vary depending upon what is required. For example, if you just need background music for a dinner reception or cocktail hour, that will be toward the low end. If you need original music during a wedding service itself, which requires much more planning and coordination, it will be closer to $3000.

    How about an original composition for my event?

    Gary can compose an original piece of music for your special event. Fees can vary widely (starting at $1000 – up to $20K+). Please fill out the form with basic details and we will schedule a phone call to discuss further.

    Background Music $2000 and up + travel expenses.

    This includes two hours of music. Each additional hour, add $500.

    House Concerts $500 and up + travel expenses. Depending on how much you’d like to contribute to my art. Be sure to read the info below on house concerts.

    Charities, Benefits, Fund Raisers, etc…

    The fees can vary widely depending on the event, however I offer 1/2 price rate for registered non-profits. I’m only able to perform 1-2 of these discounted charity events per year, so please contact me at least 6 months in advance regarding your event.

    What we often suggest for a charity event is one of two options.

    Option 1 (preferred): Find a sponsor to cover the fee. Then all ticket sales and proceeds can go toward the charity or benefit. All we ask, aside from the fee, is to sell CDs and sign people to the mail-list at the event.

    Option 2: This is intended for smaller organizations who cannot afford the fee nor find a sponsor to pay it. We simply split the ticket sales. 50% to Gary, 50% to the charity. This is a no-lose situation for you, as the organization doesn’t pay anything up front. Keep in mind, however, you may pay more after the fact.

    Questions? E-mail garyg@nakedpiano.com or fill out the simple booking form above.

    What are your travel expenses?

    If you’re in the Falmouth area of Cape Cod, there are no travel expenses to worry about.

    Otherwise… Travel Expenses: In addition to the basic fees (see above), travel expenses need to be taken into consideration. Gary will go pretty much anywhere in the US – and even parts of Canada and Europe – to play a concert so long as basic expenses (air, car rental and accommodations) are covered. We don’t believe in wasteful expenses – Gary flies coach, rents the small-good-mileage cars, and stays in ‘value-priced’ hotels.

    When you contact us, just let us know where you’re located and we can give you a general price range of what to expect. If Gary can play several events in the same area during the same time, your travel expenses would be even lower. Feel free to email garyg@nakedpiano.com or fill out the simple booking form above to discuss the possibilities.

    What’s a “House Concert”?

    House concerts are a wonderful thing! They are incredibly intimate and will provide you and your guests with a musical memory of a lifetime. If you wish to have Gary come and play a concert in your home, there are a couple things we ask:

    1. That you provide a piano in good condition, tuned up just prior (within a week) to the concert. The piano doesn’t have to be a grand piano (although that is preferred), just a piano that plays well, with working keys and pedals. Gary can bring his personal digital piano too – we’ll just need to discuss the logistics.
    2. That you be willing to help promote the show to your friends, family, and acquaintances, and that you commit to doing your best to bring at least 30 “Adult” listeners into your home. The performance itself is around 1 hour – with a meet/greet before and after. Many hosts will provide appetizers and drinks – but that is optional.
    3. THERE IS NO FEE FOR A HOUSE CONCERT. However, at the end of the evening, as the host you will ask your guests for a VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION. You don’t even have to suggest a price – just let people contribute what they feel it’s worth.
    4. You must allow us to sell Gary’s merchandise before and after the performance. It helps if you encourage your guests to “support the artist” as Gary relys heavily on merchandise sales and the generosity of your guests 🙂

    Please read the info above about Travel Expenses as that could enter into it. We’d be happy to discuss other creative options with you, so if you want to discuss or plan a house concert of your own, email garyg@nakedpiano.com or just fill out the simple booking request form above.

    Other Things to Consider…


    If you have a specific date in mind, you may want to check Gary’s performance calendar first to make sure the date is free. For performances in Massachusetts, we can usually squeeze performances in where possible. For other US performances, we like to plan 3-4 months in advance. For Canada, Western Europe and other international performances, we like to schedule at least 6 months in advance.

    Piano Requirements:

    A great performance starts with a quality piano in good working condition. Gary prefers a 7′ or larger grand piano (tuned within 48 hours of the performance) for solo piano concerts. We understand this is not always possible, so a good sounding vertical or grand piano is also acceptable – as long as the pedals work and all the keys play. Gary’s preferred concert pianos are (in this order): Steinway “D”; Steinway “B”;  Yamaha CFseries concert grand; Shigeru Kawai Concert Grand. Fazioli, Bosendorfer, Schimmel and other “premium” brands are also favored. If your piano is in poor working order – don’t worry! If it’s a local performance, see the piano rental option. If the performance is in an area where Gary would have to hop on a plane, then we’d expect you to provide a decent performing piano (or piano rental).

    So….What’s a Naked Piano Concert Like?

    Note: At events like weddings, wine tastings, art exhibits, restaurants, coffee shops and book stores, Gary plays music as background music. But at formal concerts, things are a bit different…

    • Passion: If there is one thing you will discover almost immediately – Gary is very passionate about piano. You will notice from the moment he steps on stage he’s very expressive and emotional about the piano and piano music. Although the music will soothe, the performance will invigorate and stimulate your mind. Gary is extremely passionate about life and piano – and it helps make a Naked Piano performance an unforgettable experience. You’ve simply never heard Piano Music like this.
    • Stories: Each composition has a unique and compelling story that will captivate and inspire you. So a Naked Piano Concert also features a great deal of storytelling. There are recurring themes of love, nature, family and travel – that blend with elements of history, philosophy, art and literature. The stories will often incorporate current events so the musical message is even more relevant. Gary always modify the message to make it more appropriate for any given audience. When you book your event, we will ask you a lot of questions about the types of people that will be in attendance – so the Naked Piano performance is ‘custom-made’ just for you.
    • Entertainment: When Gary plays, he does so with his entire self – so expect to see something interesting to watch as well as to listen to. Gary’s concerts are not boring. His music is based on emotion – and he tries to express this in both the stories and the musical performances. It is this emotional approach and passion that helps make a Naked Piano performance an event to remember.
    • Time: Expect a show to run between 1 1/2 to 2 hours (with a break). If you have a specific program length in mind, shorter or longer, it can be arranged. House Concerts run approximately 60-75 minutes.

    What do I do next?

    Fill out the simple booking form at the top of this page or email garyg@nakedpiano.com for a quote specific to your event. Be sure to include as many details as you can. Note: If you do not hear back within 48 hours, call 617.828.8805. It’s entirely possible that your email message (or our response to you) got caught in a spam filter.