Contemporary Solo Piano Sheet Music from award-winning composer Gary Girouard and the “Naked Piano” series.

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SampleAudio PreviewTitleAlbumKey SignatureDifficultyPrice Details/Order
N/ANaked Piano ULTIMATE Collection (All 6 CD's, Plus All Sheet Music Transcriptions!) Over 70% Discount!CollectionVariousVarious$99Details/Order
N/ANaked Piano Complete Sheet Music Collection (54 pieces plus 3 Bonus pieces, PDF Download) Over 70% Discount!CollectionVariousVarious$69.95Details/Order
N/ANaked Piano Collection Vol. 2 (28 pieces, PDF Download) Over 50% Discount!CollectionVariousVarious$49.95Details/Order
N/ANaked Piano Collection Vol. 1 (15 pieces, PDF Download) 50% Discount!CollectionVariousVarious$29.95Details/Order
N/ANaked Piano Elements Sheet Music Album (13 Pieces, PRINT BOOK) 45% Discount!The Naked Piano ElementsVariousVarious$29.95Details/Order
N/ANaked Piano Elements Album (13 pieces, PDF Download) 50% Discount!The Naked Piano ElementsVariousVarious$24.95Details/Order
N/ANaked Piano Light & Dark Compilation (12 pieces, PDF Download) 40% Discount!The Naked Piano Light & DarkVariousVarious$19.95Details/Order
WaterThe Naked Piano ElementsF MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
LoveThe Naked Piano ElementsA MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
AugustThe Naked Piano ElementsB MinorAdvanced$4.95Details/Order
MiraclesThe Naked Piano ElementsD MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
SpringtimeThe Naked Piano ElementsD Minor, F MajorIntermediate-Advanced$4.95Details/Order
FootprintsThe Naked Piano ElementsE MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
TimeThe Naked Piano ElementsDb Major, F MinorAdvanced$4.95Details/Order
Winter's WonderThe Naked Piano ElementsF# MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
SunshineThe Naked Piano ElementsF# MajorIntermediate-Advanced$4.95Details/Order
Enchanted ForestThe Naked Piano ElementsG MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
DreamsThe Naked Piano ElementsA MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
Cosmic JourneyThe Naked Piano ElementsC MinorIntermediate-Advanced$4.95Details/Order
AwakeningThe Naked Piano ElementsEb MajorIntermediate-Advanced$4.95Details/Order
Bright AngelsThe Naked Piano Light & DarkA MajorIntermediate-Advanced$4.95Details/Order
LanternsThe Naked Piano Light & DarkC MajorEasy-Intermediate$4.95Details/Order
Grey-Eyed MornThe Naked Piano Light & DarkB MinorIntermediate-Advanced$4.95Details/Order
Above the CloudsThe Naked Piano Light & DarkEb MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
Streaks of LightThe Naked Piano Light & DarkDb MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
Aurora’s BedThe Naked Piano Light & DarkF MinorAdvanced$4.95Details/Order
Herald of the MorningThe Naked Piano Light & DarkDb MajorIntermediate-Advanced$4.95Details/Order
HealThe Naked Piano Light & DarkAb MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
The ThinkerThe Naked Piano Volume IIC MinorIntermediate-Advanced$4.95Details/Order
GabrielThe Naked Piano Volume IID MajorEasy-Intermediate$4.95Details/Order
SienaThe Naked Piano Volume IID MajorEasy-Intermediate$4.95Details/Order
SanctuaryThe Naked Piano Volume IIB MinorIntermediate-Advanced$4.95Details/Order
RenaissanceThe Naked PianoG MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
Trilogy (easy play version)The Naked PianoE Minor, G MajorBeginner$3.95Details/Order
What Child is This?The Naked Piano ChristmasE MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
EsposaThe Naked PianoG MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
VivaThe Naked PianoA MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
PrairieThe Naked Piano Volume IIC MajorEasy-Intermediate$4.95Details/Order
Out of the DarkThe Naked Piano Light & DarkA MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
RusticanaThe Naked Piano Light & DarkF MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
Golden ChariotThe Naked Piano Light & DarkC# MinorAdvanced-Intermediate$4.95Details/Order
Rising in the EastThe Naked Piano Light & DarkBb MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
BlueThe Naked Piano Volume IIF MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
Love's Light (Inspired by Pachelbel Canon)The Naked Piano Light & DarkA MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
Black GooseThe Naked PianoA MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
Ave Maria (Schubert)The Naked Piano ChristmasAb MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
SolitudeThe Naked Piano TransitionsB MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
RedemptionThe Naked Piano TransitionsC MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
InvictusThe Naked Piano TransitionsF MinorAdvanced-Intermediate$4.95Details/Order
Cross the ChasmThe Naked Piano TransitionsG Major/MinorAdvanced-Intermediate$4.95Details/Order
Beyond TomorrowThe Naked Piano TransitionsBb MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
Forbidden LoveThe Naked Piano TransitionsC MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
KairosThe Naked Piano TransitionsC MajorAdvanced-Intermediate$4.95Details/Order
SerenityThe Naked Piano TransitionsA MajorAdvanced-Intermediate$4.95Details/Order
TransformationThe Naked Piano TransitionsEb MinorAdvanced-Intermediate$4.95Details/Order
NebulaThe Naked Piano TransitionsF MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
NexusThe Naked Piano TransitionsAb Major/F MinorAdvanced-Intermediate$4.95Details/Order
TransitionsThe Naked Piano TransitionsBb MinorAdvanced-Intermediate$4.95Details/Order
ChronosThe Naked Piano TransitionsA MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
TakenThe Naked Piano TransitionsB Major/G# MinorAdvanced-Intermediate$4.95Details/Order
I'll Be Home for ChristmasThe Naked Piano ChristmasC MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
Mountain MistThe Naked Piano Volume IID MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
Trilogy (Original Version)The Naked PianoE Minor/G MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
SorellaThe Naked PianoD MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
The RavenPiano MeditationsB MinorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order
Silver BellsThe Naked Piano ChristmasBb MajorIntermediate$4.95Details/Order