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Title/Theme: “Once”; Key/Structure: Eb Major Comment about this piece:  This was a free-flow improv I recorded last week. “Once” holds onto hope and faith – perhaps even some nostalgia – as we face adversity. You can share your comments below the blog post. Simply unzip the folder, then drag and drop the files into iTunes or wherever you store music files (the file … Read More


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Title/Theme: “Home”; Key/Structure: C Major Comment about this piece:  This has been a challenging year for all. With the arrival of Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I’m thinking about (and being thankful for) “home”. Wherever you live, “home” conjures up feelings of safety. A place to rest. A place to be yourself. Through generations, and across boundaries, “home” reminds us of … Read More

They’re not laughing now…

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Seeing as you’re here, I’m guessing you enjoy piano – or maybe even play piano yourself. Let me share a story I think you’ll appreciate – which includes some human weakness, humor and hopefully a little inspiration as well. Certainly it will provide a little perspective for my music, but. ultimately, you’ll see this is a story about YOU… Take a … Read More

“Show Mercy”

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Title/Theme: “Show Mercy”; Key/Structure: G Minor (with “mercy” motif in C Major) Comment about this piece:  Between Covid-19 and the unrest resulting from George Floyd’s death – it has been a difficult week. For all of us. Personally, I’m having a hard time. I feel angry and concerned. But also pensive and sad. I think about my childhood best-friend “Paul” who … Read More

“The Bandit”

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Title/Theme: “The Bandit; Key/Structure: D Minor/D Major Comment about this piece:  I improvise a lot. I do this for pure enjoyment and almost never capture these improvs in a recording (Keith Jarrett is a major inspiration – check out his Köln Concert for a wonderful example of solo piano improvisation). So it was opportune that I captured this piece by “accident”. … Read More

“Rose without Thorns” Written/Performed by Siena Girouard

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Title/Theme: “Rose without Thorns” Written/Performed by Siena Girouard; Key/Structure: A minor Comment about this piece:  One good thing about extended Coronavirus quarantine is having time to spend with my family. My daughter Siena (who just turned 16) plays guitar, piano and sings. We’re constantly talking about music and these recent days/weeks have provided more time to play and write as well. … Read More

“The Raven”

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Title/Theme: “The Raven”; Key/Structure: B Minor (ends in D Major) Comment about this piece:  Inspired by “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe which begins: “Once Upon a Midnight dreary…” These are difficult times for all. Things will never quite be the same. Nevermore. Please share your comments and feedback below the post – I enjoy hearing from you. (Equipment/Setup: Logic Pro, … Read More

“Calm” (Improv)

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Title/Theme: “Calm” (Improv 03.13.20); Key/Structure: D Major. Comment about this piece:  When I woke up this morning I went to the piano, pressed “record” and this piece was created. This itself is worthy as I haven’t been able to play piano for weeks due to a biking accident (fractured my right hand – still in a temporary cast). At the same … Read More

“View from Nowhere”

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Title/Theme: “View from Nowhere”; Key/Structure: F# Major (and Ab Minor) Comment about this piece:  I find myself questioning the influence of social media and “news”. I find it difficult – though necessary – to remove myself from these influences in the hope of catching a glimpse of the world as it is (not how someone else wants me to see it). … Read More


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Title/Theme: “Ground”; Key/Structure: C Minor Comment about this piece:  The melody and harmony of this piece are directly taken from a piece often attributed to Henry Purcell, although there is some indication it was written by his contemporary William Croft. A “ground” in its technical sense is a repeated theme – often in the bass (called “ostinato”) – but can also … Read More

“The Road Within”

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Title/Theme: “The Road Within”; Key/Structure: F# Minor Comment about this piece:  Distractions. Interruptions. Anxiety/Depression. It’s a growing part of modern culture. We often seek (and are prescribed) “extrinsic” solutions. However, it’s the “intrinsic” – the road within – where we can find and embrace our true selves. It’s a journey. Not easy. I’m still learning the way. This composition is inspired … Read More

“Deep Blue”

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Title/Theme: “Deep Blue”; Key/Structure: E Minor Comment about this piece:  Deep Blue has two meanings. Here on Cape Cod, we’re surrounded by ocean, and it’s hard not to be awed by the profoundness of it all. So, on one hand “Deep Blue” contemplates this vastness of nature. On the other hand, “Deep Blue” is the name of the computer which beat … Read More


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Title/Theme: “Shadows” Key/Structure: Alternatively in F Minor and F Major. Inspiration/Idea:  Shadows. They’re with you all the time, but they’re not you. It’s an illusion. Just images of reality – but not reality. For the original inspiration and some brain-wrecking thought, check out Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Equipment/Setup: Steinway Model B; Earthworks QTC-40 (stereo pair) Mics; Apogee Duet Interface; Logic … Read More

“Il Giardino” (The Garden)

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Title/Theme: “Il Giardino” (The Garden) Structure:  This piece is in Ab Major. It starts with a simple theme (a motif repeated throughout) followed by the primary melody. The piece follows a typical pop-song structure: Intro-A-B-A-B-C(Bridge)-A-B-Outro. Certainly, much different than my previous ‘meditation’… Inspiration/Idea:  In order to explore different mic and piano positions, I wanted to write something ‘simple’ –  easily … Read More


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Welcome to my first “Meditation” – which includes a free music download and link. Feel free to share. Here, I will take you “behind the curtain” – to my process and inspiration. Let’s begin.   Title/Theme: “Habits” Structure: This piece is purely improvised – over 10 minutes of it. To really take you behind the curtain – I’m starting at the … Read More

Gary Girouard to perform at Whisperings Concert

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Gary Girouard to perform as part of the Whisperings Solo Piano Radio “Discovery” show on Saturday, March 3rd. Full details and ticket link below. SATURDAY, MARCH 3RD, 7:00 PM THE WHISPERINGS “DISCOVERY” CONCERT BELLEVUE, WA Featuring… Both up and coming and established artists in a very intimate setting. Only 120 Seats! Live performances by Jon Dahlander, Ed Goldfarb (of Azimuth), … Read More

REVIEW: The Naked Piano Transitions (reviewed by Alejandro Clavijo of Reviews New Age)

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Note: Translated from Spanish on the Reviews New Age Website (www.reviewsnewage.com). Reviewed in September, 2017 The Naked Piano | Transitions Gary Girouard 50 minutes Continuing the “Naked Piano” saga pianist and composer Gary Girouard presents his latest release titled Transitions. Composed of twelve and two bonus cuts, this new album is based on a very interesting combination of sweet emotions. … Read More

Giving Thanks – by Lady Allen

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“Lady” Mildred Allen was 102 years young when she passed a couple years ago. I had the divine privilege to share my music with her, and spend time discussing her philosophy and life experiences. She was from an era when the ‘hand-written’ letter was the proper method of communication. It was late October when I received her final letter. Aside … Read More

14 Years…

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It’s been 14 years since I released the first Naked Piano album and I want to pause and celebrate this milestone with you. You know when you create something worthwhile (a project, painting, story, song, poem, garden, or even a child) – it becomes a part of you. You pour your heart and soul into its creation. It takes on a life of it’s own. Today, I give … Read More

Survey Results: How we listen to music…

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I recently shared a survey with my newsletter subscribers about how they listen to music. I’ve been curious about how technology is changing our listening and consumption habits. Data shows more and more people using streaming services (Apple, Spotify, Pandora, etc), while purchasing less CDs and MP3s. Being a curious guy, I wanted to find out for myself… Anyway, here’s … Read More

A punch to the face…

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Fear. Debilitating. Crippling. You know it. Whether it’s speaking in public or going on stage. It starts with a quickening of your pulse, and soon your fingers are numb and your face is flush…it’s just like getting punched in the face – well, sort of. I’ve been punched in the face a couple times. The first time was in 4th … Read More

Cardinal Time-Travel…

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I saw the first cardinal of the season this past weekend – and WHAM! I was transported back in time… 1980: As a boy, I remember early April days – usually cold and raw. But this was also the time when winter snow would melt and I could finally go outside to play with my matchbox cars and army men. April in New … Read More

What do YOU do when the power goes out?

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We lost our power yesterday. Nasty snowstorm here on Cape Cod. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to document my feelings as the day unfolded… Minute 1: This is kinda cool. Novel, really. It’s still daylight, so I can read. And, my cell phone and laptop have plenty of juice. OK, the internet is down, but there’s plenty … Read More

My Top 10 Productivity Tools for 2017…

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As we start the New Year, here are my top 10 Productivity Tools for Musicians, Entrepreneurs – and anyone doing ‘creative’ work. Some of these are Mac-only (sorry, I’m in the Apple ecosystem), but most of these are cross platform. 1Password:  Having a hard time remembering all your usernames and passwords? 1Password is amazing – it will save you hours and … Read More

Thanksgiving Bounty

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The start of November always gets me thinking about gratitude. I’ve been traveling through the Midwest these past several months and I’ve developed a new appreciation for FOOD. During the late days of Summer, everywhere I traveled were fields overflowing with corn, wheat…. and livestock. The rural areas of Indiana and Ohio have an abundance of farms (yes, there are farms all over New England … Read More

Those were the days!

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Beaches, BBQ’s, and outdoor fun of Summer are now making way for school buses and textbooks. Feels kind of melancholy, doesn’t it? These last days of August I find myself reminiscing over the quickly-fading Summer, as well as replaying memories of years gone by. It was during a recent visit from my cousin which got me thinking “Those were the days!”… Stephen was in town for The Woods Hole film … Read More

Battling Cholesterol…

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I’ve been battling high cholesterol for many years. In my late twenties my “total” cholesterol count was over 320! I tried diet, exercise, but eventually had to go on a “statin”. Over time, this did lower my cholesterol (to low 200’s) – but it also had an awful side effect: It caused joint pain and stiffness in my hands and fingers. I … Read More

Summer 2016… Be INSPIRED!!!

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I recently performed at my daughter’s school for over 600 students (3 assemblies of 200+ students each). I was invited by her music teacher as part of their “Meet The Composer” series. Basically, this was an assembly to provide relief during the final days of school. I wanted to give the kids (and teachers) more than a music performance… I wanted to … Read More

Shazam!! And other childhood heroes…

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Let the March “madness” begin!… Here in the US over the coming weeks, you’re bound to see amazing highlight reels of some previously-unknown college hoop player who hits an amazing shot to win a game. These young men vault to hero status for the school fan-bases, but also for young, aspiring players everywhere. This recently got me thinking about my own “heroes” as … Read More

“The Naked Piano – Transitions” REVIEW: Reviewed by Kathy Parsons (MainlyPiano)

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“The Naked Piano – Transitions”. Reviewed 1/30/2016 by Kathy Parsons (MainlyPiano) The Naked Piano: Transitions Gary Girouard 2016 / Galileo Music 58 minutes Transitions is the sixth volume in pianist/composer Gary Girouard’s The Naked Piano series, and what a masterpiece it is! In fact, it will be very difficult to beat this one for “Album of the Year” status on … Read More

Backstage at Carnegie Hall – what it’s REALLY like!

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Last week I had the distinguished opportunity to perform at Weill Recital Hall inside Carnegie Hall. I’ve performed in many concert and recital halls, but this was to be my debut at one of the world’s most famous piano-performance venues. I was performing as a nominee for “Solo Piano Album of the Year” (Enlightened Piano Radio). Weill Recital Hall is an intimate and … Read More

Finding “La Dolce Vita”?

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I’ve just returned from Italy with a couple interesting observations… What was I doing in Italy? I was a guest performer for a music festival in the quaint medieval village of Mondaino (“Mountain of the Deer”) where I performed some of my original solo piano music. I also had the opportunity to play with an Italian opera singer named Katja Natalini – a mezzo … Read More

Life, Death, and Transitions. My 30-year journey back from the Dead.

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A Taste of Life. It was January, 1986. Only 18 years old, I had just finished my first semester at UConn where I had made the varsity ice hockey team and had quickly built a core group of friends. It was Winter Break, and I had just enjoyed “First Night Boston” with my friends. It was a crazy night of partying … Read More

The Ultimate Glass of Kool Aid! (how a musician reached “Super Saturation”)

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Here on beautiful Cape Cod, Summer is in full swing with BBQs, sunsets and lazy days at the beach. On a particularly listless Sunday afternoon, I began thinking back to my childhood – and the perfect glass of Kool-Aid. Ahhhh, how that glass of Kool-Aid was SO refreshing when the mix was just right! …and this got me thinking about something else – technology. I … Read More

Apple Music – an Indie-musicians’ point of view…

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You’ve no doubt heard about the new Apple Music service – and maybe wondering “what’s the big deal?”. Well, even if you don’t own an Apple device, let me help you understand why – as an indie musician – I feel this is such an important moment in music. Important Backstory: Everyone knows Apple is one of the most successful companies … Read More

Apple Music… and the future of streaming?

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Apple Music was just released, and I’m happy to report my music has been accepted and is available through the new service. Here is the link to my music on Apple Music/iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/gary-girouard/id128499651 Certainly, the future of music is heavily favoring streaming services, and I think Apple Music has created a very compelling platform. I’d love to hear your thoughts – … Read More

Graduation, and my year in Italy without a job

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This is a great time of year to think about “graduations”… How to Live Before you Die In my opinion, ‘graduations’ ought to be called ‘transitions’. College grads perhaps have the most extreme transition as they go from years of “school” to full-time “work”. Commencement speakers try to help by sharing messages of wisdom (coincidentally – the best I’ve heard is by Steve Jobs to Stanford grads “how to … Read More

Overcoming Fear: a Solo Pianist exposes his past…

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During my recent trip out West with the family (Grand Canyon, Zion Park, Hoover Dam), I was reminded of my fear of heights (especially, un-guarded, wide-open heights). I saw my 11-year old daughter overcome this same fear as we hiked this narrow ridge in Zion Park. That gut-turning anxious feeling brought me back to when I was 19…and one of the most difficult … Read More

Get what you REALLY want

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Some things are just meant to be. I’d like to share an inspiring story from this past week. It revolves around the piano (of course), but the experience has taught me three important lessons which I’ll share with you in the hope it will inspire you and your dreams too. The Piano Graveyard I’ve known for several years my piano … Read More

“One Word”, “100 Things”, and getting more from less…

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I have a friend who’s notoriously disorganized – while I consider myself, well, ‘organized’. “How do you keep it all together?!” he recently inquired. With all the snow this Winter (we’re near Boston), “snow removal” wasn’t fitting into his already hectic schedule. As I often do, I referred him to a book I was reading called “Essentialism – the disciplined pursuit … Read More

The Glorious Mess…

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I’m often asked what got me started with piano, and here’s the true story of the seminal moment, and ensuing spark… All Roads Lead to Rome… It all starts with my Nana LeConti. Born in Southern Italy (Castelvetere in Val Fortore), she immigrated to the US in 1918. She was a great cook and loved her glass of wine. We all … Read More

The day I opened for Elton John…

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In my younger days, I worked at a Steinway piano store in downtown Boston. I’d bike to work from my charming little rent-control apartment in Cambridge and spend the evenings after work developing my chops on the fleet of awesome concert pianos. One fateful day, Elton John (THE Sir Elton!) and his band came in while on their “The One” tour. … Read More

“Volare” – It. ~ to Fly

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Welcome to 2015 🙂 I don’t know about you, but this time of year I find myself taking a trip down Memory Lane. So, a couple days ago – while recovering from a couple Egg-Nog Martinis – I began thinking… It was precisely 25 years ago I was living out of my car. Surely great fodder for this month’s story… January … Read More

Behind the Music: “August” (from the Naked Piano Elements)

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When I first started researching and writing the music for “Elements”, I had started by researching the classical elements of “Earth”, “Wind”, “Fire” and “Water”. As I did some investigating, I noticed these elements were later incorporated into the Astrological 12-month calendar (we talk of “Earth signs” and “Fire signs”, etc..). It was at this point when I was investigating months, … Read More

Behind the Music: “Love”- from The Naked Piano Elements

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Love is powerful. The stronger your love, the more it hurts when distance or events separate you. It can be so wonderful and beautiful to be in love – and then it can be equally mournful and difficult when you no longer have it. That’s what this piece tries to capture – beauty and joy tinged with sorrow and longing. I’d … Read More

A powerful Thanksgiving habit…

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We had a blustery New England weekend – high winds, rain, even some snow! I’m not sure if it’s the weather or the time of year, but it seems November always gets me thinking about the upcoming holidays – and spending quality time with family and friends. There’s so much to be thankful for and I’ve written about this in … Read More

Would you want to live forever?

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A couple years ago I had the great opportunity to meet and interview the famous futurist Ray Kurzweil – called “Edison’s rightful heir” by Inc. magazine and one of the 16 “revolutionaries who made America” by PBS. Kurzweil has published numerous books – including “The Singularity is Near” and “How to Build a Mind“. One of his lasting positions relates to extending human life … Read More

The Naked Piano Elements nominated “Album of the Year”

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I’m so happy to announce my latest album – The Naked Piano Elements –  has just been nominated for 2014 “Album of the Year” by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. It is such a privilege and honor to be considered for this prestigious award. Whisperings is one of the world’s best solo piano radio programs and is full of talented pianists and composers. In … Read More

Wham! BAM!! the “More” Phenomenon

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For the end of the Summer, I went to the movies with my wife and kids. I had heard lots of positive reviews for “Guardians of the Galaxy” and really wanted to check it out. So, on a hot and humid Cape Cod afternoon, we headed over to the local cinema. After plopping down the small mortgage to purchase the tickets, … Read More

My Summer “Inspiration” List…

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I’m currently spending time stomping around the mountainous regions of Northern Portugal, gaining inspiration and enjoying the “simple life”! When I’m on vacation, I love to read – as it often provides inspiration for the music I compose and perform. Here is a list of some of the books I’ve been exploring this Summer… “Family Friendly”: Ungifted – by Gordon Korma A ‘normal’ middle-schooler is placed in … Read More

Just in! “Elements” Review, by Kathy Parsons (Mainly Piano)

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The Naked Piano: Elements Gary Girouard 2014 / Galileo Music 53 minutes Two years in the making, the fifth installment of Gary Girouard’s award-winning The Naked Piano series is here! Subtitled Elements, it is a musical expression of “things that are in this world, but not of this world” and seeks to inspire listeners to “observe and enjoy the wonders and blessings surrounding each and every one … Read More

The Naked Piano Light & Dark Nominated for "WHISPERINGS ALBUM OF THE YEAR"!

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Nominations for “Whisperings Album of the Year”  We review a lot of albums here at Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio – probably 100 CDs a year! So when an album comes across our desk that is really special, wonderfully unique, or especiallycaptivating, we like to give those a special honor. Yes, we love ALL the artist’s music on Whisperings radio, but there are some albums that just really … Read More

The story behind "The Naked Piano Light & Dark"…

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Everyone faces difficult times. It could be health, relationships, family or work – life throws curveballs. It’s particularly challenging when you deal with sickness to yourself or someone you care about. It’s during these “dark” times we are challenged to find light and hope. It’s THIS sentiment that was the inspiration for The Naked Piano Light & Dark… In 2008 … Read More

CD REVIEW: Kathy Parsons of "Mainly Piano" reviews The Naked Piano Light & Dark

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The Naked Piano: Light & Dark Gary Girouard 2012 / Galileo Music Corporation 56.6 minutes Light & Dark is the fourth installment in pianist/composer Gary Girouard’s The Naked Piano series. The series was started in 1990 to celebrate the purity of solo piano – no accompaniment and no editing. Girouard explains: “From the start, this project was all about capturing … Read More

Gary’s Naked Piano Story…

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na·ked /ˈnākid/ without the usual covering or protection devoid of concealment or disguise having no covering; bare; exposed We are naked, you and I, when we dare to express ourselves. When we boldly go where no one has gone before. The Naked Piano represents a journey – a heroic and spiritual journey – from who we are today, to who … Read More