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Welcome to my first “Meditation” – which includes a free music download and link. Feel free to share. Here, I will take you “behind the curtain” – to my process and inspiration. Let’s begin.   Title/Theme: “Habits” Structure: This piece is purely improvised – over 10 minutes of it. To really take you behind the curtain – I’m starting at the … Read More

Gary Girouard to perform at Whisperings Concert

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Gary Girouard to perform as part of the Whisperings Solo Piano Radio “Discovery” show on Saturday, March 3rd. Full details and ticket link below. SATURDAY, MARCH 3RD, 7:00 PM THE WHISPERINGS “DISCOVERY” CONCERT BELLEVUE, WA Featuring… Both up and coming and established artists in a very intimate setting. Only 120 Seats! Live performances by Jon Dahlander, Ed Goldfarb (of Azimuth), … Read More

REVIEW: The Naked Piano Transitions (reviewed by Alejandro Clavijo of Reviews New Age)

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Note: Translated from Spanish on the Reviews New Age Website (www.reviewsnewage.com). Reviewed in September, 2017 The Naked Piano | Transitions Gary Girouard 50 minutes Continuing the “Naked Piano” saga pianist and composer Gary Girouard presents his latest release titled Transitions. Composed of twelve and two bonus cuts, this new album is based on a very interesting combination of sweet emotions. … Read More

They’re not laughing now…

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I’m guessing you enjoy piano – or play piano yourself. Let me share a piano story I think you’ll enjoy – full of insight, humor and hopefully a little inspiration as well. Ultimately, you’ll see this is a story about YOU… Take a look at the old black & white advertisement above. It implies you just sit down at the piano … Read More

Giving Thanks – by Lady Allen

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“Lady” Mildred Allen was 102 years young when she passed a couple years ago. I had the divine privilege to share my music with her, and spend time discussing her philosophy and life experiences. She was from an era when the ‘hand-written’ letter was the proper method of communication. It was late October when I received her final letter. Aside … Read More

14 Years…

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It’s been 14 years since I released the first Naked Piano album and I want to pause and celebrate this milestone with you. You know when you create something worthwhile (a project, painting, story, song, poem, garden, or even a child) – it becomes a part of you. You pour your heart and soul into its creation. It takes on a life of it’s own. Today, I give … Read More

Survey Results: How we listen to music…

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I recently shared a survey with my newsletter subscribers about how they listen to music. I’ve been curious about how technology is changing our listening and consumption habits. Data shows more and more people using streaming services (Apple, Spotify, Pandora, etc), while purchasing less CDs and MP3s. Being a curious guy, I wanted to find out for myself… Anyway, here’s … Read More

A punch to the face…

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Fear. Debilitating. Crippling. You know it. Whether it’s speaking in public or going on stage. It starts with a quickening of your pulse, and soon your fingers are numb and your face is flush…it’s just like getting punched in the face – well, sort of. I’ve been punched in the face a couple times. The first time was in 4th … Read More

Cardinal Time-Travel…

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I saw the first cardinal of the season this past weekend – and WHAM! I was transported back in time… 1980: As a boy, I remember early April days – usually cold and raw. But this was also the time when winter snow would melt and I could finally go outside to play with my matchbox cars and army men. April in New … Read More

What do YOU do when the power goes out?

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We lost our power yesterday. Nasty snowstorm here on Cape Cod. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to document my feelings as the day unfolded… Minute 1: This is kinda cool. Novel, really. It’s still daylight, so I can read. And, my cell phone and laptop have plenty of juice. OK, the internet is down, but there’s plenty … Read More

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