They’re not laughing now…

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Seeing as you’re here, I’m guessing you enjoy piano – or maybe even play piano yourself. Let me share a story I think you’ll appreciate – which includes some human weakness, humor and hopefully a little inspiration as well. Certainly it will provide a little perspective for my music, but. ultimately, you’ll see this is a story about YOU… Take a … Read More

“Show Mercy”

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Title/Theme: “Show Mercy”; Key/Structure: G Minor (with “mercy” motif in C Major) Comment about this piece:  Between Covid-19 and the unrest resulting from George Floyd’s death – it has been a difficult week. For all of us. Personally, I’m having a hard time. I feel angry and concerned. But also pensive and sad. I think about my childhood best-friend “Paul” who … Read More

“The Bandit”

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Title/Theme: “The Bandit; Key/Structure: D Minor/D Major Comment about this piece:  I improvise a lot. I do this for pure enjoyment and almost never capture these improvs in a recording (Keith Jarrett is a major inspiration – check out his Köln Concert for a wonderful example of solo piano improvisation). So it was opportune that I captured this piece by “accident”. … Read More

“Rose without Thorns” Written/Performed by Siena Girouard

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Title/Theme: “Rose without Thorns” Written/Performed by Siena Girouard; Key/Structure: A minor Comment about this piece:  One good thing about extended Coronavirus quarantine is having time to spend with my family. My daughter Siena (who just turned 16) plays guitar, piano and sings. We’re constantly talking about music and these recent days/weeks have provided more time to play and write as well. … Read More

“The Raven”

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Title/Theme: “The Raven”; Key/Structure: B Minor (ends in D Major) Comment about this piece:  Inspired by “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe which begins: “Once Upon a Midnight dreary…” These are difficult times for all. Things will never quite be the same. Nevermore. Please share your comments and feedback below the post – I enjoy hearing from you. (Equipment/Setup: Logic Pro, … Read More

“Calm” (Improv)

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Title/Theme: “Calm” (Improv 03.13.20); Key/Structure: D Major. Comment about this piece:  When I woke up this morning I went to the piano, pressed “record” and this piece was created. This itself is worthy as I haven’t been able to play piano for weeks due to a biking accident (fractured my right hand – still in a temporary cast). At the same … Read More

“View from Nowhere”

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Title/Theme: “View from Nowhere”; Key/Structure: F# Major (and Ab Minor) Comment about this piece:  I find myself questioning the influence of social media and “news”. I find it difficult – though necessary – to remove myself from these influences in the hope of catching a glimpse of the world as it is (not how someone else wants me to see it). … Read More


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Title/Theme: “Ground”; Key/Structure: C Minor Comment about this piece:  The melody and harmony of this piece are directly taken from a piece often attributed to Henry Purcell, although there is some indication it was written by his contemporary William Croft. A “ground” in its technical sense is a repeated theme – often in the bass (called “ostinato”) – but can also … Read More

“The Road Within”

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Title/Theme: “The Road Within”; Key/Structure: F# Minor Comment about this piece:  Distractions. Interruptions. Anxiety/Depression. It’s a growing part of modern culture. We often seek (and are prescribed) “extrinsic” solutions. However, it’s the “intrinsic” – the road within – where we can find and embrace our true selves. It’s a journey. Not easy. I’m still learning the way. This composition is inspired … Read More

“Deep Blue”

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Title/Theme: “Deep Blue”; Key/Structure: E Minor Comment about this piece:  Deep Blue has two meanings. Here on Cape Cod, we’re surrounded by ocean, and it’s hard not to be awed by the profoundness of it all. So, on one hand “Deep Blue” contemplates this vastness of nature. On the other hand, “Deep Blue” is the name of the computer which beat … Read More

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