What do YOU do when the power goes out?

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We lost our power yesterday. Nasty snowstorm here on Cape Cod. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to document my feelings as the day unfolded… Minute 1: This is kinda cool. Novel, really. It’s still daylight, so I can read. And, my cell phone and laptop have plenty of juice. OK, the internet is down, but there’s plenty … Read More

My Top 10 Productivity Tools for 2017…

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As we start the New Year, here are my top 10 Productivity Tools for Musicians, Entrepreneurs – and anyone doing ‘creative’ work. Some of these are Mac-only (sorry, I’m in the Apple ecosystem), but most of these are cross platform. 1Password:  Having a hard time remembering all your usernames and passwords? 1Password is amazing – it will save you hours and … Read More

Thanksgiving Bounty

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The start of November always gets me thinking about gratitude. I’ve been traveling through the Midwest these past several months and I’ve developed a new appreciation for FOOD. During the late days of Summer, everywhere I traveled were fields overflowing with corn, wheat…. and livestock. The rural areas of Indiana and Ohio have an abundance of farms (yes, there are farms all over New England … Read More

Those were the days!

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Beaches, BBQ’s, and outdoor fun of Summer are now making way for school buses and textbooks. Feels kind of melancholy, doesn’t it? These last days of August I find myself reminiscing over the quickly-fading Summer, as well as replaying memories of years gone by. It was during a recent visit from my cousin which got me thinking “Those were the days!”… Stephen was in town for The Woods Hole film … Read More

Summer 2016… Be INSPIRED!!!

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I recently performed at my daughter’s school for over 600 students (3 assemblies of 200+ students each). I was invited by her music teacher as part of their “Meet The Composer” series. Basically, this was an assembly to provide relief during the final days of school. I wanted to give the kids (and teachers) more than a music performance… I wanted to … Read More

Shazam!! And other childhood heroes…

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Let the March “madness” begin!… Here in the US over the coming weeks, you’re bound to see amazing highlight reels of some previously-unknown college hoop player who hits an amazing shot to win a game. These young men vault to hero status for the school fan-bases, but also for young, aspiring players everywhere. This recently got me thinking about my own “heroes” as … Read More

“The Naked Piano – Transitions” REVIEW: Reviewed by Kathy Parsons (MainlyPiano)

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“The Naked Piano – Transitions”. Reviewed 1/30/2016 by Kathy Parsons (MainlyPiano) The Naked Piano: Transitions Gary Girouard 2016 / Galileo Music 58 minutes Transitions is the sixth volume in pianist/composer Gary Girouard’s The Naked Piano series, and what a masterpiece it is! In fact, it will be very difficult to beat this one for “Album of the Year” status on … Read More

Backstage at Carnegie Hall – what it’s REALLY like!

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Last week I had the distinguished opportunity to perform at Weill Recital Hall inside Carnegie Hall. I’ve performed in many concert and recital halls, but this was to be my debut at one of the world’s most famous piano-performance venues. I was performing as a nominee for “Solo Piano Album of the Year” (Enlightened Piano Radio). Weill Recital Hall is an intimate and … Read More

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