Backstage at Carnegie Hall – what it’s REALLY like!

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Last week I had the distinguished opportunity to perform at Weill Recital Hall inside Carnegie Hall. I’ve performed in many concert and recital halls, but this was to be my debut at one of the world’s most famous piano-performance venues. I was performing as a nominee for “Solo Piano Album of the Year” (Enlightened Piano Radio). Weill Recital Hall is an intimate and … Read More

Finding “La Dolce Vita”?

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I’ve just returned from Italy with a couple interesting observations… What was I doing in Italy? I was a guest performer for a music festival in the quaint medieval village of Mondaino (“Mountain of the Deer”) where I performed some of my original solo piano music. I also had the opportunity to play with an Italian opera singer named Katja Natalini – a mezzo … Read More

The Ultimate Glass of Kool Aid! (how a musician reached “Super Saturation”)

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Here on beautiful Cape Cod, Summer is in full swing with BBQs, sunsets and lazy days at the beach. On a particularly listless Sunday afternoon, I began thinking back to my childhood – and the perfect glass of Kool-Aid. Ahhhh, how that glass of Kool-Aid was SO refreshing when the mix was just right! …and this got me thinking about something else – technology. I … Read More

Apple Music – an Indie-musicians’ point of view…

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You’ve no doubt heard about the new Apple Music service – and maybe wondering “what’s the big deal?”. Well, even if you don’t own an Apple device, let me help you understand why – as an indie musician – I feel this is such an important moment in music. Important Backstory: Everyone knows Apple is one of the most successful companies … Read More

Apple Music… and the future of streaming?

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Apple Music was just released, and I’m happy to report my music has been accepted and is available through the new service. Here is the link to my music on Apple Music/iTunes: Certainly, the future of music is heavily favoring streaming services, and I think Apple Music has created a very compelling platform. I’d love to hear your thoughts – … Read More

Graduation, and my year in Italy without a job

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This is a great time of year to think about “graduations”… How to Live Before you Die In my opinion, ‘graduations’ ought to be called ‘transitions’. College grads perhaps have the most extreme transition as they go from years of “school” to full-time “work”. Commencement speakers try to help by sharing messages of wisdom (coincidentally – the best I’ve heard is by Steve Jobs to Stanford grads “how to … Read More

Overcoming Fear: a Solo Pianist exposes his past…

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During my recent trip out West with the family (Grand Canyon, Zion Park, Hoover Dam), I was reminded of my fear of heights (especially, un-guarded, wide-open heights). I saw my 11-year old daughter overcome this same fear as we hiked this narrow ridge in Zion Park. That gut-turning anxious feeling brought me back to when I was 19…and one of the most difficult … Read More

“One Word”, “100 Things”, and getting more from less…

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I have a friend who’s notoriously disorganized – while I consider myself, well, ‘organized’. “How do you keep it all together?!” he recently inquired. With all the snow this Winter (we’re near Boston), “snow removal” wasn’t fitting into his already hectic schedule. As I often do, I referred him to a book I was reading called “Essentialism – the disciplined pursuit … Read More

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