Just in! “Transitions” Review by Steve Sheppard (One World Music)

Naked Piano: Transitions By Gary Girouard Written by Steve Sheppard (original review link here) I had been traveling so long, that I needed a place of solace, somewhere to rest my tired mind, the flash of train tracks, the frenetic bullying of road vehicles and lumbering planes going to and fro in a mist of a late winter haze. My … Read More

“The Naked Piano – Transitions” REVIEW: Reviewed by Kathy Parsons (MainlyPiano)

“The Naked Piano – Transitions”. Reviewed 1/30/2016 by Kathy Parsons (MainlyPiano) The Naked Piano: Transitions Gary Girouard 2016 / Galileo Music 58 minutes Transitions is the sixth volume in pianist/composer Gary Girouard’s The Naked Piano series, and what a masterpiece it is! In fact, it will be very difficult to beat this one for “Album of the Year” status on … Read More