“Calm” (Improv)

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Title/Theme: “Calm” (Improv 03.13.20); Key/Structure: D Major.

Comment about this piece:  When I woke up this morning I went to the piano, pressed “record” and this piece was created. This itself is worthy as I haven’t been able to play piano for weeks due to a biking accident (fractured my right hand – still in a temporary cast). At the same time, all our thoughts are filled with news of Coronavirus. It’s really overwhelming. With this as a backdrop, the phrase which keeps coming to my mind is “This too shall pass”. That said, it’s difficult in the moment to find calm and peace. Music can help. I hope this piano meditation brings some peace and calm (and hope) into your day. Please share with anyone you think could benefit.

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below – I enjoy hearing from you.

(Equipment/Setup: Logic Pro, PianoTeq plugin, MIDI keyboard input).

GG Piano Meditations: Calm (Improv)

Simply unzip the folder, then drag and drop the files into iTunes or wherever you store music files (the file may auto-play on some systems).



If you are accessing via a mobile device just use the download app of your choice to save the track to your phone or tablet.

Or if you prefer, you can stream the track here:

STREAM LINK:  GG_Piano_Meditations_Calm_(Improv)


Relax. Be inspired. Enjoy. & feel free to share…

Note: To honor my craft and spend more time/energy creating music, I rarely check social media or email – the blog is the best place to communicate with me. Please share your comments and feedback below the post – I enjoy hearing from you!

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  1. Lorraine
    | Reply

    I love everything you compose Gary. Hope you and your family are staying healthy!

    • pianoxcape
      | Reply

      Thanks Lorraine! Many blessings to you and your family.

  2. Luralee Wheatley
    | Reply

    This is so beautiful, just what we all need right now is a little Calm. Thank you for sharing. Sorry to hear about your accident; I wondered why you have been so quiet. Hope you heal quickly.

    • pianoxcape
      | Reply

      Thank you Luralee!

  3. Lynn MacKay
    | Reply

    Gary, thank you for sharing this beautiful song. The perfect way to start out my Sunday morning. Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you heal quickly and get back to playing.

    • pianoxcape
      | Reply

      Thanks Lynn!

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