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Title/Theme: “Ground”; Key/Structure: C Minor

Comment about this piece:  The melody and harmony of this piece are directly taken from a piece often attributed to Henry Purcell, although there is some indication it was written by his contemporary William Croft. A “ground” in its technical sense is a repeated theme – often in the bass (called “ostinato”) – but can also be an entire theme. This piece originally dates to the 1600’s and would have been performed on harpsichord at a faster tempo and with substantial ornamentation. I find the melody uniquely contemplative – almost hypnotic. Perhaps appropriate as we think back on the past year and what the future holds. Always repeating. Never quite the same. I hope you enjoy this solo piano version of “Ground”.

(Equipment/Setup: Recorded at Piano Haven in Sedona, AZ).

GG Piano Meditations: Ground

Simply unzip the folder, then drag and drop the files into iTunes or wherever you store music files (the file may auto-play on some systems).



If you are accessing via a mobile device just use the download app of your choice to save the track to your phone or tablet.

Or if you prefer, you can stream the track here:

STREAM LINK:  GG_Piano_Meditations_Ground


Relax. Be inspired. Enjoy. & feel free to share…

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  1. Janine De Lorenzo
    | Reply

    What a simply beautiful piece Gary!

    I love the calmness of it.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Janine 🙂

    • pianoxcape
      | Reply

      thank you Janine!

      – Gary

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