Battling Cholesterol…

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I’ve been battling high cholesterol for many years. In my late twenties my “total” cholesterol count was over 320! I tried diet, exercise, but eventually had to go on a “statin”. Over time, this did lower my cholesterol (to low 200’s) – but it also had an awful side effect: It caused joint pain and stiffness in my hands and fingers. I … Read More

Get what you REALLY want

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Some things are just meant to be. I’d like to share an inspiring story from this past week. It revolves around the piano (of course), but the experience has taught me three important lessons which I’ll share with you in the hope it will inspire you and your dreams too. The Piano Graveyard I’ve known for several years my piano … Read More

The Naked Piano Light & Dark Nominated for "WHISPERINGS ALBUM OF THE YEAR"!

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Nominations for “Whisperings Album of the Year”  We review a lot of albums here at Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio – probably 100 CDs a year! So when an album comes across our desk that is really special, wonderfully unique, or especiallycaptivating, we like to give those a special honor. Yes, we love ALL the artist’s music on Whisperings radio, but there are some albums that just really … Read More

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