The Naked Piano Light & Dark Nominated for "WHISPERINGS ALBUM OF THE YEAR"!

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Nominations for “Whisperings Album of the Year” 
We review a lot of albums here at Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio – probably 100 CDs a year! So when an album comes across our desk that is really special, wonderfully unique, or especiallycaptivating, we like to give those a special honor. Yes, we love ALL the artist’s music on Whisperings radio, but there are some albums that just really stand out to us.

Every year we nominate a few albums for Whisperings Album of the YearBelow you’ll find our current nominations. (WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED JANUARY 23, 2013). Click here to visit the Whisperings Album of the Year web page.

Nominations for “Whisperings
Album of the Year,” 2012

Christine Brown – The Wishing Well
Gary Girouard – The Naked Piano: Light & Dark
Michael Logozar – Time
Neil Patton
 – Hammer & Wire
Thad Fiscella – The Road Home

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