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Reviewed in September, 2017

The Naked Piano | Transitions
Gary Girouard
50 minutes

Continuing the “Naked Piano” saga pianist and composer Gary Girouard presents his latest release titled Transitions. Composed of twelve and two bonus cuts, this new album is based on a very interesting combination of sweet emotions. Halfway between nostalgia and regret, and with a minimalist and jazzy touch, Transitions shows the listener a broad universe of evasion.
Transitions is presented with “Solitude”, one of the bittersweet parts of the album. “Solitude” combines sweet notes with more shades of gray, giving the listener a few minutes of remembrances with different shades. Powerful composition.
A quiet and dark introduction serves a Girouard to present one of the darkest themes Transitions . “Redemption” bears some similarity to the most reserved compositions Philip Wesley , but with exquisite touch Gary knows procure. “Redemption” is intense in its own way.
“Invictus” begins with a sad touch, forgotten, a far cry from what the title may suggest a priori. “Invictus” is taking shape over time, slowly becoming more and more energetic and positive. In this composition the originality of the pianist is appreciated, offering a perfect tipping point between two moods. Masterly.
The kindest of starts Transitions . “Cross The Chasm” is more colorful than the previous pieces, and although subtle, the subject has a weak character jazz simply captivates.
Remarkable for its strength and beauty is no doubt, “Beyond Tomorrow”. Although it never reaches the zenith, holding an admirable tension that catches the listener hard until the end. “Beyond Tomorrow” is one of those compositions that cling to your notes and it becomes impossible to forget.
Surge impetuously with sadness “Forbidden Love”, another off compositions Transitions . Pianist hands flow with difficulty by the piano, singing a very heavy and aching melody.
Going back to the warmth of notes “Kairos” appears. “Kairos”, without being strident, caresses the senses of the listener with its tinkling of notes and chords perfect combination, offering very delicate, pleasant moments.
“Serenity” is the closest thing to a lullaby. Serious, deliberate and complicit silence, “Serenity” is carried away over time, providing few minutes of relaxation and meditation very effective, despite containing some more cheerful than usual fragments.
Introverted and broken notes, and “Transformation” is presented. Like happen with “Invictus,” this new topic jumps through different moods, different shades, which keeps the listener on a continuous enjoyment of sensations. Emotional plurality is elegant.
Poderosa “Nebula” arises. In the lower area of intense tone piano chords, mientra the right hand makes a heroic combination of notes. The whole, without being epic, provides an intense music, sometimes reserved.
Lovely, possibly the most positive part Transitions ; We speak of “Nexus”. This topic, more constant in the high zone of the piano, travels between two phases; more delicate a first and a memorable, dynamic. Two very different degrees but Gary can unite with great skill.
The composition retains title track positivism and warmth that was expected. Transitions is elegant and some melodic simplicity, getting to catch the listener with their harmonies.
Gary Girouard we have prepared some surprises. One begins with the gift of song “Invictus” in orchestra format. The first orchestration is performed by pianist colleague and pianist Doug Hammer . This new version of “Invictus” is formidable, where classic and epic are given hand. Very similar to the compositions of Yanni . Undoubtedly, Gary should consider publishing an album with these features. Surprising!.
The two Bonus Tracks close the album. The first, “Chronos” refers to the passage of time. With a similar sound over time, hands arropadora interpret a melody and a very marked tempo. We are again before a masterful changing sensations, Gary offers different emotions in the same format.
Transitions closes with the second Bonus Track , “Taken”. “Taken” is the ultimate delicacy in emotion. Gary Girouard has a composition flowing with indescribable tenderness, leaving a tight final Transitions , leaving the listener with a pleasant sense of wellbeing.
Transitions is originality, expertise and above all, nuances. Pianist and composer Gary Girouard has posted one of the best albums of his career, giving his followers a very rich album full of emotions and melodies played with ineffable exquisiteness. Undoubtedly, Transitions is one of the albums of the year.

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