Wham! BAM!! the “More” Phenomenon

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For the end of the Summer, I went to the movies with my wife and kids. I had heard lots of positive reviews for “Guardians of the Galaxy” and really wanted to check it out. So, on a hot and humid Cape Cod afternoon, we headed over to the local cinema. After plopping down the small mortgage to purchase the tickets, we settled into our seats.

Our local cinema features table-side service including a full menu, and alcoholic drinks. Boxes of pint-size candy will run you around $4 (Attention Theatre Owners: if I’m paying $4 for a box of Milk Duds, give me at least one for each tooth so they can rot at the same rate). If you’re not careful, you’ll spend more on the food than the movie.. BAM!!

Give me MORE!!!

In any case, the previews start up.. and that’s when I became keenly aware of what I’m going to call the “More” Phenomenon… You don’t just get one or two movie previews – you get MORE – I counted 6 movie previews…Wham! You don’t just get popcorn and candy, you get salads, pizza, chicken, wine, beer, coffee, and probably lobster too if you want. Wham-Bam!!! But the most alarming thing I noticed is you don’t just get sound, you get BOOOM!!! WHACK!! JIGGLE YOUR BUTT-BASS-BOOSTING, BONE RUMBLING SOUND!!!!!!!!   I mean, it’s really LOUD, and it’s got a huge bottom-frequency which makes your skin jiggle like jiggly-jello.. Flomp!!

Lights, Camera… Action!

Then, the movie starts… and the visuals, cinematic effects, CGI, everything is so graphically MORE. Ooohh. We look like tennis spectators as we follow the visual cues from one corner of the immense screen to the other. Ahhhh. It’s like a fireworks display on the 4th of July. The coordination with sound effects, music – everything is incredibly well planned and designed.  I find myself getting sucked into the movie… it’s good – real good. Within the first 2 minutes, I’m already rooting for the main character.

Into the vortex I go….

There are other characters including a raccoon and a tree-like being named “groot”. Some of it would seem silly, except in this movie it’s brilliant. The characters are having as much fun as we are – they know it’s just a movie! Or is it? The movie is so out-of-this-world, action packed, ear throbbing, visually stimulating — by the time the movie’s over, I’m literally out of breath and tired. Wow, what a ride! Phew….

However, this leads to the crux of the story. After you see a movie like this, your senses will need even greater stimulation to achieve the same “wow” response. This is what I mean by the “More” Phenomemon. If you don’t provide More after a movie like Guardians of the Galaxy, well, I may just fall asleep on you. Or will I?


Maybe as a counter-balance to the “More” Phenomenon, there’s a greater desire for more QUIET. More PEACE. I recently heard an interview discussing effects of music on the brain (follow this link for more info: https://www.focusatwill.com/wp/science/how-it-works ). The science analyzes natural reactions we have to music. It demonstrates how we’re wired to react to the human voice (or even instruments which have voice characteristics – like violin, cello, electric guitar and saxophone). It’s part of our fight/flight natural instinct. This can also keep us from relaxing our brain patterns so we can focus on other things. To prove a point: Can you listen to vocal music while you write an important document? Very difficult. The point of the interview is people’s need to FOCUS and get things done in an increasingly hectic and distracting world. To accomplish this the music we listen to can either enhance or detract our efforts. For additional research and a deeper dive into the positive effects of music, check out this great article: You can also check out this recently released study with lots of additional resources: https://numusician.com/how-music-affects-the-brain/

To conclude this discourse on BAM and the “More” phenomenon, you’ll find a particular instrument singled out as having a soothing effect on brain waves. An instrument which can help focus and restore cognitive health. What instrument could it be? (heh heh).


Of course.

Give me MORE  🙂

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