Behind the Music: “August” (from the Naked Piano Elements)

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When I first started researching and writing the music for “Elements”, I had started by researching the classical elements of “Earth”, “Wind”, “Fire” and “Water”. As I did some investigating, I noticed these elements were later incorporated into the Astrological 12-month calendar (we talk of “Earth signs” and “Fire signs”, etc..). It was at this point when I was investigating months, seasons and how we have defined “time” throughout human history. This is when I came across “The Seasons” by Tchaikovsky. I absolutely loved this music – it somehow connected with me. Anyway, you’d think something named “The Seasons” would consist of four pieces, right? No, Tchaikovsky breaks this project into TWELVE – each named after a different MONTH. One of the pieces was called “August” – and had a fascinating harmonic progression. As I researched the word “August” and spent time learning Tchaikovsky’s piece, I began composing my own version. August appears to me as a “Fire” sign – but also a wonderful word which means “distinguished”, “respected” or “illustrious”. This was the backdrop and inspiration for August from The Naked Piano Elements.

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