“Grey-Eyed Morn” Solo Piano Sheet Music (from the Naked Piano Light & Dark)


This is an PDF download of  “Grey-Eyed Morn” – Solo Piano Sheet Music rom The Naked Piano Light & Dark.



This is an advanced level transcription of “Grey-Eyed Morn” – from the Naked Piano Light & Dark composed by Gary Girouard. This is a contemporary solo piano composition that features strong melody and tonality and advanced syncopation. The arrangement/transcription is by Sarah Lemarié. This piece features advanced-level ostinato, chords and arpeggios in the left hand with advanced melody and chords in the right hand. Includes dynamic markings and phrasings. This version is US-Letter size (8 1/2″ X 11″). Click music graphic above for sheet music sample. Click Play below to listen to the music.


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