Here are reviews from purchasers and listeners of Gary Girouard Contemporary Solo Piano Music and The Naked Piano albums. These are unbiased and un-edited reviews from real people. I don’t share these to “brag” or “toot my own horn”… I share these reviews simply to demonstrate how thankful I am to inspire others through my music. When I was growing up, my Dad – a man of few words – would say “Atta boy” to let me know I was on the right path. I guess many of these reviews serve the same purpose 🙂   – Gary Girouard

“I am the Activity Director of an assisted living facility in Falmouth, MA. Gary came to Heritage at Falmouth and introduced his CD and his music to our residents. We all fell in love with Gary’s music. Gary is a wonderful composer as well as a performer, the collection of songs that he shared with us was overwhelming to all.” – Lisa

“Absolutely the most beautiful music to listen to. We have a CD and I put it on everyday. It is so relaxing and joyful!” – Stacie K.

“The only thing better than Winston…If you like George Winston and haven’t heard these CDs you will kick yourself when you do. Without a doubt the best piano CDs I’ve heard. do yourself a favor and give them a look.” – Joe (Amazon customer)

“While there’s no shortage of “new age” solo piano, there’s something about Girouard’s music that’s hard to describe (i’m still going to try). It’s intelligent without being overwhelming; substantive without being heavy-handed. Every gentle composition has a beautiful, thoughtful arc to it. I mention this because so many pieces in this genre are like cotton candy for the mind. They start; they’re over and you never left, and you hardly notice. These compositions are at once new yet comfortably familiar and stand extremely well to multiple listenings. There’s tenderness and great beauty in every song — and work together like a perfect massage… relaxing, stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable. He has two albums as well as a Christmas edition. They are all equally brilliant in their concept and execution. Enjoy. He’s the most famous pianist you haven’t heard of — YET!” – Jeff (Amazon Customer)

Media Review: “Gary Girouard has given life to one of the best albums of the year, and with it, one of the best albums of his career. The Naked Piano: Light & Dark is an album with a hard history behind it, but with a good ending, this has led Girouard to compose with the guts, soul, being the bright pure joy pain and his companions . The Naked Piano: Light & Dark is a highly recommended album! If you like the music of George Winston and Michael Dulin, this album should be in your future purchases!” Alejandro Clavijo, New Age Reviews Read entire review here:

“The music relaxes an otherwise tired body and soul, but the music is simply one aspect for me, the other being the technical excellence I hear (and don’t hear) that makes an album stand-out from the rest – this (and NP2) album is among the stand-outs for me: the clarity of the piano against a black background and the “liveness” of the performance are some things I only expected from what people call “audiophile pressing”… This is probably among the best in my collection! 🙂 ” – Edgar

“Today I have discovered that the experience of UXing at things and writing code is enhanced dramatically by listening to Gary Girouard” – Phil Hammel (Twitter)

“If you like solo piano…george winston type albums, do yourself a favor and listen to the naked piano volumes I and II. Hands down the 2 best piano albums i’ve ever heard. My expectations were very high for this album but i think he hit the mark yet again with this one. You won’t regret it…highly recommended.” – Joe

“The 2 c.d.’s i bought were incredible. I am new to listening to this new age and I am so glad I started. The music is calming and peaceful. I absouletly LOVE IT.” – Jennifer

Media Review: “Light & Dark” is especially poignant because it was inspired by Girouard’s wife’s battle with breast cancer. It was also motivated by the challenges of finding light and hope during dark times, so the mood of the music varies widely. Having been there myself, I can attest to what a roller coaster ride of emotions the experience is. Are there three more dreaded words than “you have cancer”? They shake you to the core, but then you have to find your way and give it your best fight. It’s a really wonderful thing that Girouard could empathize, experience, and share this journey so clearly and beautifully via his music. Recorded at Joe Bongiorno’s Piano Haven Studio, the piano sound is impeccable….”Light & Dark” begins with “Bright Angels,” a sweet and optimistic piece that has a bittersweet tinge. “Grey-Eyed Morn” is much more introspective – a favorite. “Golden Chariot” feels like a very dark soliloquy – working through difficult and painful emotions at the piano – a very powerful piece and another favorite. “Streaks of Light” is a return to a more hopeful and optimistic outlook – very tender and delicate. I also really like “Aurora’s Bed,” an emotionally-charged piece that ranges from gentle reflection to much stronger feelings that, once they are expressed, fade off to a sigh. “Herald of the Morning” seems to convey quiet acceptance and the hope of a fresh start. “Heal” signals a return to the light and relief that things are getting better. “Love’s Light” is almost celebratory, with bits of Pachelbel’s Canon woven into the melody. “Rising In the East” is amazing. It begins (and ends) peacefully, becoming more intense and turbulent as it develops – another wild emotional ride that rings so true. “Leave the Light On (I’ll Be Home)” brings the album to a close, refreshed, stronger, and ready to move forward. “The Naked Piano: Light & Dark” is truly exceptional in every way, and I recommend it very highly.” – Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano  Read entire review here

“This is truly music that feeds my sense of inner truth! You cannot listen to these pieces and not find yourself on a personal adventure. Brilliant! Thanks, Gary!” – Jan

“I came across The Naked Piano by accident. It is wonderful music. Just right…not too much…not too little. My wife even listens to it while she works out.” – Amazon Customer

“I love this CD It calms me down. In the evening I sit by the pool wth a glass of wine and watch the sun set listing to this cd…” – C. Williams

“Since receiving this album, I have been playing it over and over and over!!! It truly “takes me away” to another time and place. I absolutely LOVE it!! I hope to see you on stage someday soon!” – Dorothy

“I found out about this CD from and couldn’t wait to get it in the mail. I was excited to get it into my cd player, and was very happy to discover that not only were the songs played on the website good, but so were all the rest :)” – Alexis

“Wow! I was in another room cleaning when I heard this track,.. as it just grabbed me and took me by the heart to the point that I had to sit down and let it fill me! I wish I could I meet some of these musicians face to face and feel their vibration and know their inspiration. More so, I wish I could meet each and every artist I have heard on Pandora and thank them for the healing and transformati o n they create!” – Pandora Listener

“Beautiful to listen to this and pray for all that you are thankful for. Blessings to you….” – Rosemarie

“A most awesome cd that reaches into the very core of you and bathes you in pure sensual delight. A wonderful gift for yourself or anyone else who loves beautiful music..” – Kim

“The music in this cd is amazingly beautiful. The compositions along with the interpretation and the excellent sound of the piano are awesome. The perfect Music for the heart, body and soul. This is an ideal gift to oneself or to someone you care about to relax, enjoy and enhance one’s journey to the truthfull inner self.” – Maurizio

“I just want you to know that I love your CD! It is the most relaxing and uplifting that I have heard in a long time. Is it mere coincidence that, upon having your beautiful music playing non-stop while driving to and from my sales appointments, I achieved my personal best month in sales volume??? For me, with my hectic schedules and long days, The Naked Piano is a long hot bath, a day on the beach listening to the water and gulls, a sail across the bay, an evening alone with my wife – all wrapped in one package! It puts a smile on my face and in my heart. Well Done!” – Phil

“Loved It! Great CD. I bought Naked Piano I & II and loved them both!” – Donna

“Sometimes the most astonishing talent is right in one’s own backyard. I am a resident of East Falmouth, MA and saw Gary’s poster in the local Honeydew Donut shop. Figuring “what the heck”, I ordered the CD from CD Baby. It was great–smooth and relaxing, yet with no two tracks sounding alike. I play it often, not so much for “background music” as for a soothing subtext to my day.” – Grant

“When I play Naked Piano I and II, my spirit soars, the music deletes the days weight from my mind and heart. Thank you Gary. Please bring our CDs to ‘Kitchener Center in the Square’ performance centre. We need ‘pure music from heaven’ here too.” – Annette

“Awesome! A most wonderful blend of music that pampers the soul and senses.. I highly recommend Gary G’s Naked Piano cds.” – Kim H.

“Like having a pianist play in your living room,a timeless piece! The Naked Piano is the purest piano piece that I have ever heard,this artist imparts a unique tranquility to his music and clarity of tone. I play it over and over ,it sets a peaceful,relaxed atmosphere. Look forward to the next one.” – Cathy

“Fantastic dinner music, we listen to it every night, recommended to us & we love it! Sent to relative for Christmas, already had it & loves it, will pass on to his friends!” – Gail

Media Review: “A MASTERPIECE! Using no edits or effects, a Steinway “D”, and recorded at world famous Steinert Hall, ‘Naked Piano’ is a testament to the gracious sounds of a fluid live recording… so pure it leaves an eternal candle burning in the souls of all classical lovers.” – Paul Breeden, Boston Live Magazine

“The Naked Piano is the most expressive, relaxing piano music I have ever experienced. As one with a lifetime love of music, I could listen to these compositions for a lifetime.” Wilton Syckes, Past President of Piano Travelers Association.

“Caption says it all…WOW…what an AWESOME album and a great pleasure to add it to my collection. Need MORE! Gary, are you listening?!? The only trouble I have with this CD is keeping it. Every time someone hears it playing, I end up giving them my copy. I’m ordering my 14th copy today!” – Gerald

“I love this kind of music. Why aren’t people like THIS on the radio? Keep it up!” – Laura